Factors to Consider While Selecting Warehouse for Lease

Warehouse in Chennai

Do you have gigantic stock but no place to store? We know searching for a suitable warehouse which can meet all your demands is an exhausting task. Hence, it is necessary for companies to find a suitable location for a warehouse which can make the distribution of material easy. A warehouse plays an important role in the business as the product or the material is stored which needs to be delivered as per the requirement. SN Damani provides warehousing services considering all the factors mentioned below.

If you are planning to take a warehouse on the lease then we can surely help you. We go through the following factors while making a warehouse. Choosing the right location is essential for making the business profitable and increasing the efficiency to meet the demand of customers. To make the selection easier for you, we have come up with the factors to keep in mind while selecting a warehouse for lease.

Quality of the Warehouse

Infrastructure should be the prime focus while selecting a warehouse. Industries must check the kind of material which is used to set up the warehouse and also whether it is suitable for the kind of material needs to be store or not. To select a warehouse, you must know what your business requires. You should know what kind of facilities are required for your industry. Always look for additional facilities required to store your material.

Size of the Warehouse

Choose a warehouse which has a huge space to accommodate your inventory and suitable for the requirement of your company. If your company is a startup or new company then vacant space is important. So that you don’t run out of space when your business starts expanding. This will reduce the cost and also save time.


Money is the most important factor when you want a warehouse on the lease. You should search for a cost-efficient warehouse. Don’t overlook other expenses. It is important to plan the budget beforehand and know how much money you will need to spend on delivering and receiving goods.


Which mode of transportation do you use to move goods from one place to another? Be it land, train, water or air but while looking for a location go for the site which makes transportation easy for you. The distance between warehouse and distribution centre should also be considered.

We understand that finding a suitable warehouse is not a child’s play. Are you searching for a suitable warehouse or wants to customise on your own? SN Damani provides warehouse solution to its clients by building the warehouse and provide them on the lease. We also customise the warehouse according to the requirement of the industries. From the past 40 years, we are serving organisations to find what they require. We kick-started this service from warehousing in Chennai and now our roots have grown in various parts of India i.e. Chakan, Mumbai and Delhi NCR. Our company is providing a ready-to-move-in warehouse from the past 10 years. Our expertise in land purchase, conversion & utilisation has helped us create a huge and stable client base. Our Warehousing and logistic services are utilised by many huge industries to store material. We also offer specialized land aggregation and development in various parts of the country.

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