SN Damani, India’s earliest entrants in developing Grade A industrial warehouses.Pioneering in warehouse real estate in Chennai and growing across India with 3 million sq.ft in developed & under-developed warehouses. SN Damani’s expertise lies in land purchase, conversion & utilisation.

A 40-year-old establishment, housing a variety of businesses across many fields.Our company has humble beginnings, the vision of two brothers created an ethical and principle-driven business.

Today, SN Damani has grown and majorly focuses on warehousing for the last ten years, giving an opportunity to a wide range of companies in India, by providing organised storage space.

At SN Damani, we pride ourselves in providing the highest degree of customer satisfaction & accurate, on-time professional services & responses for every one of your queries.

Vision & Mission

Our practices, resonate with a broad sense of integrity. It is our earnest effort to fulfill business commitments with total dedication and honesty.

With Our Vision of rapid growth, we are continually striving to build highquality warehousing and logistics parks across India using the best available technology and specifications.

Along with our steady advancement, we have made it Our Mission to dominate the market by providing best quality warehousing and logistics space.


Our Journey began when the founders of this company, the two brothers, Gunwant & Ramesh Damani, focused on their strengths to grow and nurture the business through the years.
Armed with only knowledge, they could grasp and understand the world around them and their practical experience that guided them in establishing this company.
Mr. G N Damani’s acute business sense and Mr. R N Damani’s knowledge of the real estate made SN Damani a reliable company in the market.
While it all started with a small cycle store, moving on to lotteries, hotels, start-up investments, real estate and warehousing. Lotteries remain a core business for Sugal & Damani.
This company of humble beginnings, over time, has grown into a
40-year-old establishment with businesses across many verticals. With the last ten years, SN Damani has focused majorly on warehousing complexes and storage facilities, providing an opportunity for other companies in India, for well-managed and organised warehousing establishments.


Our Chairman, Mr. Gunwant N Damani coming from a modest upbringing, steadfastly cultivated business ethics and work culture to become one of the respected business magnets of India.
Born in the state of Gujarat, this business trendsetter, Mr. G N Damani believes in "Private wealth in public trust" and applies this belief by establishing charitable trusts in the fields of education and healthcare.


Sharing his deep-rooted concern for people, Mr. Ramesh N Damani supports his elder brother with zeal and enthusiasm combined with philanthropy. They are a compassionate business duo. Coming from modest backgrounds, these brothers identify the secret of success, to be hard work, integrity and business ethics.


With a new age vision and drive,
Mr. Nitesh Damani was welcomed into the business by his mentor
Mr. G N Damani. Under those watchful, guiding eyes, Mr. Nitesh Damani sharpened his business skills and gained the right combination of training, in-depth study, confidence and competence, and used it for a successful business.
Introducing the latest technology and taking the company into the 21st century with the launch of online lotteries and games of skill such as rummy, poker and also fantasy games.


With another talented businessman joining the family business, Mr. Mitul Damani, brought his foresight and international knowledge, gained from the University of Glasgow. Contributing to the industry his acquired set of analytical skills and a broad spectrum of expertise in Real Estate Infrastructure, Logistic Solutions and Warehouse Management. Alongside managing another company by the name of Payworld dealing in financial services, possessing a broad transactional value of ₹ 4,000 crores.

Other Businesses
Sugal & Damani

Sugal & Damani is the market leader in the lotteries space in India. It has major presence in IT, Gaming, Residential & Commercial Real Estate, Financial Services and Renewable Energy.
Sugal & Damani: www.sugaldamani.com
Payworld: www.payworldindia.com
Skilrock: www.skilrock.com


We aggregate land parcels across the nation, working in collaboration with various reputed builders, and also have our own residential projects. Our latest development SND Signature in Ulwe, Navi Mumbai is a landmark residential property.

Private Equity Investments

We invest in companies, believing in their abilities to grow in their respective fields and aiding them to reach their full market potential.

Start-Up Investments

India has abundant entrepreneurial talent, we back some start-ups with great ideas and have been active angel investors.

Commercial Leasing

SN Damani invests in commercial properties across India for long-term leasing. Some our clients include Barclays and Standard Chartered bank. We have leased out buildings for hotels and restaurants under the brand Swati and Suruchi.

Debt Financing

We work with a variety of businesses for structured debt financing. Our exposure is inclined towards the real-estate sector and working with various developers and builders.

Our Clients

We have always seen, our clients as guests invited into our homes. It becomes our duty to make every important aspect of the customers’ experience a little better. With this moral in mind, we continue to strive to bring value to many leading companies.